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Violin Repair Program - Coursework

All Violin Repair students begin the fall semester by taking two courses offered in an intense four week session: Basic Materials and Introduction to Tools. These two classes are prerequisites for many of the later courses:

 • Basic Materials - tree species, wood, wood selection, cuts, adhesives and abrasives.
 • Introduction to Tools - hand and power tools, including safety, tool preparation, tool use, and construction of some projects.

The students continue with Fall Semester classes in:

• Violin History - An overview of important Italian, French, English, German, and American violin makers
 • Violin Varnish - Varnish ingredients, preparation and use, including colors and resins
 • Bow Rehairing
- All of the steps in rehairing a bow and making bow rehair tools
 • Bow Repairs
- Grips, tip plate replacement, eyelets and frog and stick cracks
• Ebony Work
- pegs, nuts, saddles, fingerboards, end buttons and end pins

Link to the MSC Southeast Website for detailed information on these courses.

Violin Repair Program hand tools
A selection of violin repair tools