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Guitar Repair and Building Program Coursework - Repair

Understanding and performing proper set ups and adjustments are among the most important skills our graduates offer to a shop owner or guitar maker. An instrument needs to be set up properly to give a potential customer the best impression.

Making nuts and saddles is bread and butter work all repair shops perform daily. Adjustments and refinements used in set-up work are also a mainstay for any luthier whether repairing or building. Installing, leveling, crowning and polishing frets the proper way will make any instrument play up to its potential. Our students also learn bridge replacement, electric wiring, crack repairs, neck resets and finish touch up.

Repair work is critical to a successful career in lutherie and we’re proud to say this is a main component to our program. The following courses cover much of the repair work encountered in the field:

• Guitar Set-up Lecture
• Acoustic Set-up Lab
• Electric Set-up Lab
• Fretwork
• Acoustic Guitar Neck Resets
• Guitar Repairs


Electric guitar repair
Wiring new controls for an electric guitar