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Guitar Repair and Building Program – Optional Courses

Electric Guitar Construction

First year guitar students can choose the Electric Guitar Construction class as a spring elective where they will design, blueprint and build their very own electric guitar. Students may choose to build a guitar following a classic, established design or choose to create their own. The instructor will work with the student to ensure their design is structurally sound and also attainable within the scheduled time. This class will put into practice, step by step, all of the different skills studied and practiced throughout the fall semester.

Students are required to complete the construction of the instrument during the scheduled class time, but some students choose to apply the finish in a 5 day workshop through Continuing Education that is held after graduation.


Advanced Finishing Class (held through Continuing Education)

A five day workshop is offered after graduation for first or second-year students who want to apply a more complex finish to their electric guitar, mandolin or archtop guitar. The course is scheduled some time between graduation and the end of May and requires sufficient enrollment in order to run. More information will be available at the beginning of spring semester or contact your advisor.


Finishing an electric guitar
Wet sanding a "gold top" finish on an electric guitar