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For Band Directors, Students and Professionals

It's Gotta Work - NOW Clinic for Band Directors
Video: It’s Gotta Work-NOW! pt. 1
Video: It’s Gotta Work-NOW! pt. 2
Video: It’s Gotta Work-NOW! pt. 3
Video: It’s Gotta Work-NOW! pt. 4
Video: It’s Gotta Work-NOW! pt. 5
Handout: It’s Gotta Work-NOW!
Handout: Yamaha large brass valve guide installation

More related care/maintenance information
Article: Cork Template: Harmon Wow-Wow Mute (PDF)
Video: Trumpet Nomenclature
Video: Trumpet Nomenclature Practice
Video: Oiling Rotary Valves
Video: Oiling Piston Valves
Video: Clarinet Care and Maintenance
Video: The BIR Program at Red Wing
Handbook: Brass Instrument Maintenance (PDF)
Article: Lubricating Piston Valves (PDF)
Article: So, you’re itching to modify your trumpet (PDF)

For Student and Professional Repair Technicians
National Association of Professional Band Instrument Repair Technicians, Inc.
- Atlanta 2019 NAPBIRT Clinic video: "Faster/Better/Smarter"
- Mark Metzler Holding Jig

Casing and Piston Repair
Casing/Piston Repair Clinic 2017 (136 MB PDF)

NAPBIRT Conference Trombone Clinic Support Videos
Buffing Trombone Outer Tubes
Making Trombone Outer Slide Nosepickers
Wrapping a Trombone Cleaning Rod
Straightening a Trombone Slide Stocking
Trombone Clinic 2012 (54MB .ppsx)

Machine Tool-Related Videos
Common Lathe Operations
Adjusting a Lathe Compound Slide To Square
Grinding Tool Bits
Basic Lathe Operation

Tool Making and Neat Stuff
Making Solder Bench Pliers
Making Seamed Brass Tubing
Cross Brace Saw Blade Clip

Flattened Bell Rim Hook Puller
Horn Bell Rim Patch
Nosepickers (Trombone but applicable to others)
Bending a Trumpet Mouthpiece
Thread Restoring Valve Cap Pliers
Bending butter knives for dent work
Making a Penetrating Oil Feeding Tube
Cool Tools Presentation
(NAPBIRT 2014, 60 MB PowerPoint)
PVC Throat Roller

Trombone Inner Slide End Plug
Using Dial Indicators
Making Crook Supporting Molds

BIR Suppliers
Allied Supply
Anderson Silver Plating
Badger State Repair and Supply
Caswell Inc Plating Kits
Ferree’s Tools
Hetman Products
J. L. Smith
Kraus Music Products
MSC Direct
Music Medic
Rio Grande Jeweler’s Supply
Travers Tool
Votaw Tool
United States Plastics

Acoustics-Related Sites
Australian Acoustics - Journal August 2000
Bell/Mouthpiece Effect
Benade Archive
Cryogenic Article (PDF)
Schilke Brass Clinic (PDF)

Machine Tool and Parts Vendors
Grizzly Industrial 7" X 14"
Micro-Mark 7" X 16"
Sherline Lathes
Taig Lathes
Music Medic lathes lathes

Mini-Lathe/Sherline Related Sites
J.L. Smith
Steve Bedair's 9x20 Lathe Site
Ty's HF 7x10 Mini Lathe Page
Varmint Al's Mini Lathe Page

Career Development Resources
Career Services at
Application and Interview Preparation (includes Cover Letter and Resume information)
Minnesota State Job Seeking Resources
NAPBIRT Classified Ads